Why not to leave your car unattended on a QLD State owned Highway or Road

Author: Rob S Date: 28/8/2018

This article will explain some Queensland regulations and why you should organise a tow (ph: 136 869) straight after a breakdown or crash if you are able to do so. It also explains why your car or motorbike is not where you left it, if you have left it on a Highway or State owned road.

To put it as straightforward as possible: the Queensland Government has the right to remove the vehicle.
They can do this because the vehicle can be considered "Abandoned Or Otherwise Stationery". IE "a vehicle or load on a road (that) is immobilised by a breakdown, collision or fuel shortage or is otherwise stationary".

After they identify that it is "Abandoned" they will organise a towing company to remove the vehicle. The Towing fee will be charged to the owner of the vehicle. Other fees that could be included are storage, or even possibly a fine from the State.

So if you have left a car on the highway and gone back to collect it the next day, chances are that it has been removed. So what next?

Well the State government has 14 Days to let you know about it. Other than that, you can get in touch with the local police or city council in the area where you broke down and see if they can assist.

How to avoid it?
Best is to organise a tow straight away and wait at the vehicle until the tow truck arrives. Contact us on 136 869 (24hrs) Australia Wide and we will assist ASAP.


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