There aren’t too many things more frustrating than breaking down. When it happens, you’ll require the services of an experienced and professional towing company. And that’s just what Wil-Tow is. If you have a problem with your car or any other vehicle on the Sunshine Coast, then be sure to get in touch. We’ll be able to get you out of the tough situation that you find yourself in. That could involve helping you to get your car started again, or, if the problem is more complicated, then it could mean towing you to a garage. So when you have a problem, don’t look anywhere else -- not for nothing have we gained a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.

Machinery Towing Services Sunshine CoastWe offer machinery and equipment twoing services in Sunshine Coast.

Our Towing Services in Sunshine Coast

We can help with a wide range of vehicle related issues that you may have. We’re available every day of the week, for the entire day -- that’s a 24/7, 365 service. If you find yourself with a roadside problem, then give us a call.

It could be that you’ve broken down or that you’ve been in an accident, and your car must be towed to a garage. If so, we’ll make sure that it gets there safely. Alternatively, it could be that while you are having difficulties with your car, the problem isn’t so serious. Perhaps your car just needs a jump start, or the tyre must be changed. We can also help if you’ve been locked out of your car, or if you’ve run out of fuel. Whatever problem you’re having, it’s a good idea to give us a call, since we’ll likely be able to help you.

We’re also specialists in towing all kinds of vehicles, over both short and long distances. If you have a vehicle that you have to transport somewhere else, then get in touch.

Vehicle Towing

Vehicle Towing

24hr/7 days a week, car, truck, motorcycle, trailer and caravan towing

Vehicle Towing

Roadside Assistance

Pay-per-use roadside assistance to get you on the move again

Roadside Assistance

Machinery Transport

Machinery and equipment transport all industries

Machinery Transport

24/7/365 Assist

No matter when and where your vehicles get in trouble, Wil-Tow provides 24/7/365 assistance for you. Call us anytime, any where, we will help you there.

Breakdown and Accident Towing

Give us a call if you have experienced car breakdown or was involved in an accident. Our towing service experts will be there for you in a fast reaction time.

Roadside Assistance

Our pay-per-use roadside assistance service give you a flexible and affordable option. You only pay for what you need when you need it. We offer reliable roadside assistance to help you out. Our services include jump-start your car, change a tire as long as you have a spare, deliver you gas fuel, offer lockout service.

Machinery Towing

Our machinery and equipment tranport services is ideal for all types of industries such as building, agriculture, industrial, mining, and government just to name a few. Our experts can tow a wide range of machineries and equipments, e.g. cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, tractors, bobcats, sweepers, generators, machinery, containers, site sheds, huts, portable toilets, access equipment, forklift, booms, caravans and general freight.

Short and Long Distance Vehicle Towing

We offer short distance and long distance vehicle towing services. No matter how far away from town you are, you can rely on our long distance towing services. Our pay-per-use towing option includes up to 10 kilometers.

Vehicles We Can Tow

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Motorhomes
  • Caravans
  • Trailers
  • Boats
  • 4wds
  • Bus and coach
  • Limousines

Why Wil-Tow is Your Riliable Car Towing and Machinery Transportation Solutions

We’re not the only company offering towing services Sunshine Coast, but we are the best! So what makes us stand out from the crowd? Well, there are many things. For starters, we’re always available. It doesn’t matter whether you require our services at 3 pm or 3 am or any other side: we’ll be there. We also cover the entire Sunshine Coast area. Whether you’re at your office or in the great outdoors, you’ll be able to call us up and know that we’ll be there as soon as we can.

Of course, turning up is only the start. It’s what we do when we turn up that counts. Our team consists of certified, highly trained, experienced, and professional drivers. That means that as well as giving you peace of mind that you’re in good hands, if it’s possible to get your vehicle started again, then they will make it happen. If your car must be towed, then you’ll know that it’ll get there safely.

Another reason why you should choose Wil-Tow: it could be easier to book our services. You can book (or just get a quote) by using our mobile app, alternatively you can make a booking by contact form or you can call us up. You’ll get a quote before your booking is finalised. It’s a straightforward process that is designed to make things as easy as possible for you.

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When you have a problem with your car, don’t take any chances. While there are many companies who make big promises when it comes to towing services, we’re the ones who back up our talk with actions. There is a reason why people who use our service become repeat customers, and that’s because we simply deliver a high level of service that can’t be beaten. Contact us by phone: 136 TOW (136 869) or email: Click the buttons below to get a free quote or make a booking.

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